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[Hi-Res古典音乐] 贝多芬/格里格钢琴HiRes音源《热情奏鸣曲索尼精选Hi-Res》Tina Margareta Nilssen Appassionata DSD最强音质古典无损音乐打包下载[DXD/24Bit/352.8kHz]

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High Resolution Audio Hi-Res极品高品质无损音乐,Hires高解析度音频器材发烧友们的最爱。

金耳朵最佳伴侣,索尼hires高解析度音乐只为高品质完美音质而生!聆听Sony Hires Audio享受极致音乐。

Tina Margareta Nilssen Appassionata (352.8kHz DXD)索尼精选HiRes
玛格丽塔尼尔森热情奏鸣曲《玛格丽塔尼尔森热情奏鸣曲》Tina Margareta Nilssen Appassionata
专辑名: 玛格丽塔尼尔森热情奏鸣曲(Tina Margareta Nilssen Appassionata  HiRes)
表演者:玛格丽塔尼尔森 /Tina Margareta Nilssen
专辑类型: 古典音乐高解析度HIRES专辑  
发行时间: 2020-07-16
唱片公司: 索尼精选音乐/Sony Classical
详细参数:Hi-Res | FLAC | 352.8kHz/24bit
数据存储: 百度云加密存储|已备份|永久有效
最强音质高解析度音频 - HiRes/FLAC分轨 - 索尼精选Hi-Res
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最强音质高解析度音频 - Hires无损音乐专辑介绍:

Tina Margareta Nilssen Sony HiRes 古典音乐索尼精选《 Tina Margareta Nilssen Appassionata HiRes Music》[HiRes/24Bit/352.8kHz]@享乐音乐网 xlebbs.com

*目前市面上仅有少部分音频播放器型号支持352.8kHz/24bit品质播放, 请您在购买前提前确认。如您的设备暂时无法支持DXD播放,建议选购FLAC版本。

在这张专辑中,蒂娜·玛格丽塔·尼尔森(Tina Margareta Nilssen)为我们带来三部钢琴作品,其中每一首都富有表现力和张力。 ,这是它的首次录音。e小调钢琴奏鸣曲是情趣·格里格最富技巧的高难度和激情的作品之一。Signe Lund的优美作品遍览挪威山河、狂风暴雨以及法式客栈。在贝多芬著名的“热情奏鸣曲”中,可以听到他的苦难与挣扎,正是它们激励他开创了一个全新的音乐时代。

There are usually three distinct facets of any 2L Recording, three separate angles to discuss--the theme of the music, the performance and the sound quality. 2L's Morten Lindberg loves to include specific themes in his recordings, challenging and sometimes obscure facts that bind the program selection into a nice whole, such as having all the music relate to man's relationship with nature or that all of the compositions were inspired by a specific composer. The performances are usually spectacular, with 2L spotlighting Norwegian musicians who are extremely talented and somewhat daring in their approach. The sound quality is almost a given--using technology, unique recording approaches and carefully chosen venues--usually old churches--Lindberg's releases are glorious in their realism.

Tina Margareta Nilssen's new solo piano release, Appassionata, blurs those three subjects into an astounding whole...more so than usual. I've often discussed the concept of "listening with a clipboard," checking off boxes as you listen to a particular recording or audio component. Hmmm...nice soundstaging depth, tight bass, a little coloration in the upper midrange, all that stuff. You're checking off boxes instead of enjoying the music. The real magic happens when you fling that clipboard into the nearest wastebasket and allow yourself to be transported into an altered state of consciousness.

I do this every time I listen to Appassionata, which is unusual since I usually admire solo piano works more than I adore them. I can't decide which of those three distinct facets is responsible for this musical hypnosis.

In this case, the theme is simple. Nilssen has chosen three pieces that are passionate and full of intensity. As she explains in the liner notes, "I have chosen music that goes high and deep." She begins and ends with two fairly well-known works--Edvard Grieg's Sonata No. 1 in E minor, Op. 7 and Beethoven's Sonata No. 23 in F minor, which bracket a fairly unknown piece from female composer Signe Lund titled Cinq Morceaux, Op. 37. Lund's piece is more playful and bright compared to the storminess of the other two works, although the three pieces have an obviously flow to them that makes it a little difficult to pinpoint the program change--not because there isn't the prerequisite space, but because the resulting hypnosis is so potent. So while the "theme" is broadly defined, the music is fluid and unified and takes you on a long, uninterrupted journey that makes perfect sense.

Nilssen's performance must not be underestimated as it pertains to the whole. It is her exquisite and perfectly measured playing that produces such a sense of detached time and space. Her playing is effortless, masterful and lush. It's easy to get lost in the notes and forget all about the troubles in the world. Nothing matters when this level of beauty is so easily attained by a mere push of the start button on your digital transport. You won't discard your clipboard--you'll smash it to pieces and forget it ever existed.

Finally, there's the sound quality. What can I say that I haven't said before about the uniform excellence of 2L recordings? I will say this--I feel as if I'm sitting further back in the church than usual. That, of course, is not a bad thing because it allows the notes of the piano to leap out into the room and explore the ceiling beans of the now-familiar Sofienberg Church in Oslo with uncommon attention. I like this more distant perspective since it might be the reason why so much musical detail flows from my hi-fi system, embracing and mesmerizing me.

I think it should be obvious by now how I feel about Appassionata, and that is an essential piano recording. If you have yet to splurge on a 2L Recording, end the drought and start here.

最强音质高解析度音频 - 索尼Hires无损音乐曲目表:
Tina Margareta Nilssen Appassionata Hires:玛格丽塔尼尔森热情奏鸣曲音源 24/352.8kHz DXD索尼精选Hi-Res

曲目        时长/大小        价格
        Edvard Grieg: Piano Sonata in E minor, op. 7: I. Allegro moderato        00:04:26
201M        ¥25.00        
        Edvard Grieg: Piano Sonata in E minor, op. 7: II. Andante molto        00:04:02
180M        ¥25.00        
        Edvard Grieg: Piano Sonata in E minor, op. 7: III. Alla menuetto, ma poco più lento        00:03:17
147M        ¥25.00        
        Edvard Grieg: Piano Sonata in E minor, op. 7: IV. Finale. Molto allegro        00:06:43
305M        ¥25.00        
        Signe Lund: Cinq Morceaux, op. 34: I. Impromptu        00:02:21
104M        ¥25.00        
        Signe Lund: Cinq Morceaux, op. 34: II. Mélodie        00:02:45
121M        ¥25.00        
        Signe Lund: Cinq Morceaux, op. 34: III. Valse lente        00:04:56
219M        ¥25.00        
        Signe Lund: Cinq Morceaux, op. 34: IV. Improvisata        00:04:00
176M        ¥25.00        
        Signe Lund: Cinq Morceaux, op. 34: V. Novellette        00:04:37
206M        ¥25.00        
        Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 23 in F minor, op. 57, ”Appassionata”: I. Allegro assai        00:10:36
471M        ¥25.00        
        Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 23 in F minor, op. 57, ”Appassionata”: II. Andante con moto        00:06:23
282M        ¥25.00        
        Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 23 in F minor, op. 57, ”Appassionata”: III. Allegro, ma non troppo - Presto        00:05:57
265M        ¥25.00        

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